Hola, Teacher Amigos!

My ears are too beeg for my head. My head ees too beeg for my body—But did you know that I'm just the right size for your classroom lesson plans?

Each of my adventures are ay caramba, mucho fun but they're educational too! Instructing elementary poetry, Spanish or language lessons? Teaching reading comprehension and active thinking? Looking for the perfect way to show your students how to decode context clues and understand the concept of cause and effect? Trying to come up with a muy creative shared writing prompt? No problem, dude! Each story provides mucho material that will easily fit into your curriculum.

Plan a Judy Schachner Author Study Unit

Be sure to visit the author section of this site to learn about author and illustrator Judy Schachner. Use the biographical information and video you find there to build a fantastic—and fun!—unit about Judy and her books. Check all of the Skippyjon Jones books out of your school library and display them in your classroom. The printables included on this page will provide all you need to introduce Skippy to your students and add him to your curriculum.

Skippyjon Jones Printables

Download these FREE materials designed specifically for teachers! Photocopy them, hand them out to your students, and share them with your coworker amigos. Mucho fun for everyone!

Curriculum Connections Guide to all the books in the Skippyjon Jones series

Included, you'll find a story synopsis for each title, teaching tips, lesson plan suggestions, classroom activities, tips for reading the Skippy books aloud and mucho more! Click to download »

Readers' Theater Script for Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice

Readers' Theater builds readers' confidence, brings stories to life through performance, animates content areas, and improves reading ability, comprehension, and oral reading skills. Click to download »

English / Spanish Language Matching Activity

Skippyjon Jones dreams of becoming El Skippito, who is really a Chihuahua. El Skippito gets to wear a mask and cape. He's a great swordfighter and speaks with a Spanish accent and uses real Spanish words. Use this handout to see how many Spanish words your students learned from reading the Skippyjon Jones books! Click to download »

Counting Activity

El Skippito loves meeting up with his old friends the Chimichango gang. Use this activity to help your students work on their counting skills—how many Chihuahuas do they count? Click to download »

Drawing and Imagination-based Activities

Skippyjon Jones is muy muy imaginative. Encourage your students to get creative! Click here for an activity where students can draw what they see when they look in the mirror (Skippy sees a Chihuahua). Click here for a drawing activity that prompts students to illustrate where Skippy goes the next time he enters his closet. Use this sheet as an excellent introduction to a similar themed shared writing activity!

Make Your Own El Skippito Mask Template

Photocopy this page and hand it out to your students so they can transform-ito into El Skippito! Have your class wear their masks during your read aloud. Click to download »

Hola, Amigos! Nametags

Perfect for the first week of school or for playgroups! Or even for teacher events! Click to download »

Skippy Sticker Sheet

Help your students connect with Skippyjon Jones and his word play by handing out these stickers! Print this sheet on Avery labels and see what fun you can have. Click to download »

Does Skippy already have a special place in your classroom?

Tell us about it! Send your Skippy-themed lesson plan ideas and activities to schoolandlibrary@us.penguingroup.com with "Skippy Skool" in the subject line and you could win a Skippyjon Jones Classroom Activity kit or a sneak peak at El Skippito's next adventure!